Thursday, 21 July 2011

Fancy? Yes. Smancy? No.

PanaVise Heaven

Voila! Homebuilt workstation.
I Gorilla Glue-ed a pressboard laminated top to 19mm plywood and added an aluminum grounding strip. No sure how the pros deal with grounding. This'll work.

I mounted the PANAVISE and PANAVISE JR. to the surface using 1/4" stainless steel flat head screws. Very skookum!

The Weller digital soldering station is a thing of beauty. I'm very pleased with my order from ELEXP.COM; cheapest AND best service to date.

Weller Digital Soldering Station
I miss my big garage in the old house, but I'm growing fond of being set up at the kitchen table. It's nice to be near  my wife instead of cloistered away in the garage. As an added bonus, it forces one to clean up and stay organized. Did I say bonus? I meant bloody pain in the ass.

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  1. Could this possibly be the first documented use of the word skookum?